We build a one-page website
that will highlight your brand.

Mission. To help businesses to showcase their brand by giving them a platform where all common questions from their customers are in there.

Vision. By using the 2ndCV Website, businesses can quickly close a deal without answering common question from their customers — Businesses can use their site as their visual presentation.

How it works

Using our pre-made layout, we will update its color, fonts and images that match to your brand.

Once done, You have ability to update the content and images and re-order or remove sections.


Unique Domain

You can use the preferred .com domain name of your choice. You can use it as your domain address where your visitors can visit your site.

Fast Hosting

We are using Siteground Hosting to give the best speed for your website. Siteground is one of the official recommended hosting provider of WordPress.ORG.

SSL Ready

All wesbites get HTTPS automatically, for free! Enhanced security, SEO boost, and gain visitors’ trust.

Mobile-friendly Website

Connect you to users on all devices. Your Website is accessible from large to small devices.

Easy to Operate

You’ll have full control over your content on the page. We use WordPress to build your site.

Up-to-date Website

All of the 2ndCV Websites are built in WordPress — the most popular, community-driven site-building software worldwide.

SEO Applied

We make sure that all of the 2ndCV Websites are Google Friendly and visible on Google Search.

Active Support

Message us anytime on our Contact page and We will respond as soon as we received your queries.

Save big with 2ndCV

Hosting Fee $24.99/mo ($7.99/mo on first year)
Domain Fee $12.99/year ($8.99/year on first year)
SSL Fee $8.99/year
Developer Fee $10*/hour
Maintenance Fee $10*/hour
Premium Plugins $120.99/year (WordPress premium plugins)

$12 USD per month (billed yearly)

(All are included in one-pricing)

How to Start

  1. We will request you to fill in a form to get more details about your site idea.
  2. We will also request to deposit 50% of the subscription ($72) to officially start.
  3. We will Develop the site from the date deposit until the agreed review date.
  4. After the Development, you will receive a staging domain link for review
  5. Once approved, we will request the remaining balance and transfer the site to your preferred domain link.

Intial Data we need

These are the data we need from you:

  1. Business Name
  2. Business Tagline
  3. Do you have existing Website?
  4. Do you have logo
  5. What is your business about?
  6. Where can we get your Introduction Video?
  7. Where can we get your List of Services?
  8. Where can we get your Team Profiles?
  9. Where can we get your Business Reviews?
  10. Where can we get your Frequently Asked Questions?
  11. What are the information you need when someone inquire to your contact form?
  12. What are your business Hours?
  13. What is the business Location Address?
  14. Where they can contact your business?
  15. Please give at least 3 colors you want to see on the Site
  16. Text and Color Style

You are prepared when the opportunity comes.

One of your advantages among others is you already build your strong Introduction!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about the subscription? Here you can find some helpful answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).


An informative Website will cost about $800+.

Considering that we offer a low price, we limit to a one-page site only.

The Website should be done and able to access online in less than ten (10) days, starting when the first payment is settled.


Unfortunaly, you cannot add new section.

We will try our best to add as many as possible other than the 17 available sections.

Yes, you can remove section that you don’t need.

Yes, you can re-order each section on your site.

Yes, You’ll have full control over your content on the page. We use WordPress to build your site.


Unfortunaly, you cannot install new Plugin to maintain the speed and security of the site.

Unfortunaly, We do not yet support advanced features such as eCommerce.

Domain and Hosting

Nope, you won’t need to worry about hosting. All 2ndCV sites include our fully-managed, high performance cloud hosting.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. We will keep all of the 2ndCV websites in our Hosting to monitor, install SSL, do daily backup, and maintain speed.

Just inform us what is your preferred domain and we will handle everything. This is already included in the Plan,

Yes, you can use your existing domain, you have Two Options

  • Transfer the domain to us and we will handle the yearly domain fee. (*additional one-time fee will be added for transferring domain)
  • Or, keep your domain to your account, and you will handle your yearly domain fee.


We currently accept payment from Paypal.

We will send you a link where you can pay for the service.

If you are not satisfied with the site you can cancel it before making it live, we will refund your 50% deposit.

If you don’t want to continue anymore after the end date of the subscription, your website will not become accessible anymore to the internet.

Contact Us!

Please feel free to contact us. Write a short E-mail if you do have any questions. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We’re always happy to help you.

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